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During the early 1950s, Swedish-born Hans Karlsson arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana with the clothes on his back and the change in his pocket.  For decades, Hans worked a variety of jobs to save money to start his own business. Eventually, in 1994, Hans met the Cascio family (Lucian, Connie, and Keith), and together they began to build a restaurant that would provide good Southern food in large portions for an affordable price. The Karlsson-Cascio vision was realized in February 1995: The Trolley Stop Cafe opened!

For twenty-two years, the Karlsson-Cascio team ran The Trolley Stop Cafe with the restaurant’s vision of good food at affordable prices always in mind. In January 2017, Hans’ son and grandson, Paul and Ragnar Karlsson, bought the restaurant to ensure The Trolley Stop Cafe continued to be family owned and customer focused for generations to come.

The Trolley Stop Cafe takes great pride on being a family orientated restaurant with quality food, large portions, and affordable prices. Located in the Lower Garden District on the historical St Charles Avenue, The Trolley Stop Cafe is only a few feet away from an actual streetcar stop. Frequented by locals and tourists alike, The Trolley Stop Cafe is a popular New Orleans destination known across the United States of America!

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